Education Today is the only business magazine targeting the entire education sector from primary to adult education. It provides up-to-the-minute information on the N.C, L.M.S and the supplies & services available to the 5-16 market, whilst also helping decision makers plug into the constantly changing elements of technology, equipment, services, teaching methods and aids.

Its informative editorial coverage of current news, government strategies and curriculum criteria, in addition to industry features, in-depth exhibition previews and reviews and relevant products & resources, makes the magazine a vital tool for education professionals to keep in touch with their industry. It is frequently supported with news and information from DfES, BESA and the NAHT.

Advertisers are able to reach their target markets, including head teachers and heads of departments efficiently and cost-effectively. The magazine also provides new opportunities for advertisers in previously untested markets, helping them with their product development in a way vertical marketing could never have achieved.


A Member of BESA

Education Today is a member of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA). BESA members offer buyers peace of mind by subscribing to a Code of Practice. This promotes products that are of a proper quality, safe and suitable for educational use.



Education Today is circulated free-of-charge to a qualifying readership. For those who do not fall into this category, a subscription service is available.